Brooklyn Nets Future

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Brooklyn Nets Future

The Nets future looks bright with the eminent domain case coming to a close. They are expected to get their tax exempt bonds and start the construction later in the month to be completed by June 2012. While it is still two seasons away before the Nets can move to Brooklyn, the sale to Mikhail Prokhorov is expected to go through.

This is huge. Prokhorov can transform this franchise and make them relevant. With their cash flexibility next season and their potential to get the first pick overall in the 2010 NBA Draft the Nets could very well be the top destination for one or two major free agents next season.

Even with Devin Harris at the helm the Nets would surely pick John Wall if he continues to show he is the man. In the NBA it's all about assets, and with John Wall's larger than average point guard body, pairing those two together seems more of a dream than a liability.

But John Wall isn't even the height of good things to possibly happen for the Nets. If Prohkorov and JayZ can convey an image of a winning future to Lebron, the possibilities are endless.

However, chances are the big three won't leave their teams unless one of the other two leave as well to join forces. Why leave alone to start with a bunch of scrubs? Even the best scenario (where a team can only afford one major free agent) would either pair the star with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon (which is still pretty good) or Derrick Rose--but while these scenarios are intriguing, a free agent like Bosh, Lebron, and Wade might as well stay at their home teams.

It may be fair to think the only gamble worth taking for Bosh, Lebron, or Wade would be to join forces with one of the other two major free agents.

Imagine a lineup of:

Devin Harris, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Keyon Dooling
*John Wall, Courtney Lee
Lebron James, Terrence Williams, Eduardo Najera
Chris Bosh, Yi Jianlian, *Jan Vesley
Brook Lopez, *DeMarcus Cousins

*Nets have 3 first round picks: Warriors (lottery protected), Mavs (unprotected), and their own (potential overall pick if they continue with their injuries)

-The nets are losers, why would anyone want to join them?
Their 0-13 record might be the best thing to happen to them. They are losing now and gaining lottery balls, but in the process players that would normally be sitting on the bench are getting valuable playing time. This will help develop this team for later in the season. They are showing grit and the addition of their starters will translate into some wins later in the season. Most importantly this team is built to compliment a star (or two).
-The Nets can't move to Brooklyn till 2012. They would have to play two season in NJ.
"The swamp is no place for the King"...
Yea, but Cleveland is ? Cleveland is one of the most decimated towns in the USA. The whole franchise (regardless of what happens next summer) should move to Columbus Ohio.
-There is no way to predict the Nets would get the overall pick?
Absolutely true. But if any team had to pieces to ensure to trade up for the overall #1 pick, the Nets would be that team. The Nets could offer their top 5 pick, mid first round Warriors pick, and CDR for it. That may seem like a lot but if John Wall continues to show he is as good or better than Derrick Rose it seems like a no brainer. However, there's no way to even predict that John Wall still develops (unlikely but possible).

This is obviously all hypothetical; it's fun to imagine an all-star team in my city Brooklyn. The fact that the Nets dealt with the eminent domain case makes me excited for the future.

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Extreme change is a great way to win a championship Shaq/Kobe when LA got Shaq traded for Bryant Robinson/Duncan when TD was drafted after the Admiral missed the entire previous season. The Celtics when they got KG/Allen...
That said your scenario is what every fan is dreaming about for their team. With two of these guys you can dump everyone else (look at the Knicks 2010 FA's to be) and build around whomever you get with role players.
Only thing is you can't expect 2 FA's and Harris and Wall...there's no way...

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Good for them, but..

No matter if the Nets move to Brooklyn, they are always gonna play second fiddle to the New York Knicks, no matter how sorry they are. Thats just the way it is and the way it always will be. The Nets are just irrelevant no matter what. I mean nobody cared when they went to the championship several years ago back to back, and nobody is gonna care if they do it in Brooklyn either.

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I'm not so sure of that. The Nets , despite their 0-14 record have a nice nucleus of players, Lopez , Harris, CDR, Lee, T.Williams. If they are fortunate enough to land a John Wall and another draft stud ( such as C.Brackins) they will be a contending team for the foreseeable future. As a Knick fan, you can only hope that Walsh's plan of buying a team comes to fruition. Their organization as a whole has been dreadful for the last six years. And you just can't blame I.Thomas.for everything. Good teams are built through wise trades and smart draft picks. The Knicks have done neither. Since Walsh has taken over, he has drafted Hill ( over Jennings)... I know, allot of G.M.'s made the same mistake. However, last year he drafted Gallinari , instead of E.Gordon or Brook Lopez ! The only time the Knicks resembled a good team was early last season with Zack Randolph and D.Lee in the frontcourt with Jamal Crawford being their main perimeter threat. Walsh blew up that team...for cap space. Hope he know's what he's doing... because, I find it hard to believe that a top tier free agent will want to sign on to his rebuilding project.

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They won't play second fiddle if they win, as they have in the fairly recent past and are more likely than the Knicks to do in the future. You can't really speculate about them getting the #1 pick in the draft since that is just luck, but they have some nice players in Harris, Lopez, and CDR.

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It would take one thing for

It would take one thing for the Nets to beat out the Nets.....Get Lebron James or even Dwayne Wade....New York is a big basketball town and the location of MSG is obviously amazing, but Brooklyn is a rising city in New York, the "hipster spot" also it is a truth that many basketball fans are more loyal to players than teams

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Interesting move

Brooklyn isn't a city, the Nets won't land the top pick at least not based on percentages the Twolves will win that.
Wade won't sign in NJ, Lebron might but its a long shot. If their young players are so good why are they winless and don't blame it all on the injuries because Lopez, T. Williams have played in every game. The team has played in only 4 close games the rest blow outs for the most part. No excuse losing to the Bobcats, Twolves, Knicks. I think they've overrated guys like Boone, Shawne Williams, Yi Jianilian. We'll see if Chris Douglas-Roberts continues at this pace or was it becaz Harris was out and he was the lead guard.

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Brooklyn is not a city it is part of a city called new york city

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ok retards

The fact that I called Brooklyn a city really bothers you?

Considering Brooklyn would be the 4th largest city in the united states if it was its own sanctioned "city", considering there are more municipalities in Brooklyn than anywhere you probably live, considering Brookyn is the most populous borough *ALMOST A MILLION MORE PEOPLE LIVE IN BROOKLYN THAN IN MANHATTAN, I consider Brooklyn a city.

Suck my ass.

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