What If

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What If

Do you guys ever wonder what would've happened if a team had not did something like a trade or if they did do something like
Kobe for Vlade Divac
What would've happen if matt geiger had not waved his NTC and Allen Iverson actuall was traded to the Pistons
What could've been if T-Mac and Vince were still in Toronto
What if Steve Francis stayed in Vancouver
What would it be right now if the T'Wolves/Celtics had traded for AI
What if the T'Wolves had kept Brandon Roy
What if Durant and Beasley went #1 and what if Darko wasn't drafted #2

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One day I thought about if

One day I thought about if Kobe would have stayed with the hornets, they would had Baron Davis and Kobe in the back court. That would have been crazy, but then he would not have any rings. IF T-Mac and Vince stayed with the Raptors, I don't know if Tracy would have become the player that he is now, if that was the case I think they could have made a finals or maybe even got a ring. Maybe.....

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What if Grant Hill was not

What if Grant Hill was not injured for the Magics and also what if that GM never traded T Mac to Houston.

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What if the Rockets hadnt

What if the Rockets hadnt traded Gay for Battier??
What if Vince McMan was the Commish of the NBA??
What if Lebron played football??
What if Artest didnt go into the stands??
What if DWade was 6'8??
What if Steve Nash could have kept playing with Dirk??

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det would probably have

det would probably have another ring with melo there

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What if Philly didn't trade

What if Philly didn't trade A.I.? Would Iggy still be on the team?

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What If Lebron James was a

What If Lebron James was a bust?

What if Jordan never existed?

What if Brandon Jennings went to Arizona?

What if BJ Mullens was not highly recruited out of HS...would he even have gotten drafted?

What if Phil Jackson ran Mike D'Antoni's offense?

What if Allen Iverson looked like Lil Wayne? Would all these kids with braids have dreads?

What if Magic Johnson was 6'1?

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