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Im sry that this has nothing to do with basketball but it has to do with the site. Can someone explain the bubbles that appear on the far left of the forum screen?? There are some that just look like conversation bubbles, some that look like overlapping bubbles, overlapping bubbles with a star, bubble with a thumb tack, bubbles with a lock. I think I know what the thumb tack is. It keeps the post at the top of the forum for everyone to see. I assume they can only be made by the Mods. I know what the lock means also. When I looked at it, I couldnt comment on that thread. Is it locked to certain people or just to anyone?? Also, how do you get a star or the multiple bubbles. Are their any more that I didnt mention. Also, can I make my own with a lock or a thumb tack??

Thanks for anyone who provides info on this.

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tack = sticky star=

tack = sticky
star= new posts/unread replies
overlap = popular

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