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Monta Ellis

It would be awful if he was not an all star. He put his team on his back ever since Jackson left and played incredible ever since. He's become great passer, his scoring has gotten better, his becoming a VERY good defender, he's rebounding, he's been a great leader and lead the W's in back to back wins against Portland and in Dallas. Trust me this is no fluke with him. And don't say it's cause of the offense cause Keith Smart was the coach against Dallas and the offense seemed much different. Please vote for him, or at least I hope the coaches recognize it and give him his shot. Just look at him since jackson let, he's the real deal. Don't believe me? Ask a Blazers or Mavs fan...

Look at those recent games! (ignore 11 to's, very misleading if you watched the game) Look at the guys he guarded, Roy? Frustrated him all game, he struggled.. Terry was ok but struggled quite a bit. Barea? he was held up by him. The kid is for real

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