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Cincinatti is underrated...they're 'bout to upset another team. Yancy Gates has been playing pretty good & Deonta Vaughn is doing good tonight as well as Lance Stephenson. This is the first time he's actually done pretty good. He's 5-9 from the field for 11 Points with 7 Boards and 3 Assists. 4 Minutes left and they got a double digit lead. Will they be like the football program of theirs and get better throughout the year making it into the Top 5 in Rankings? I doubt it unless someone steps up, but they should be ranked and will after this week is over

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I dont see a top 5 ranking.

I dont see a top 5 ranking.

I see a top 20 ranking. This team will only grow. I want to see Lance step up and blossom into a leader. Maybe by January he will banking on it.

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Yeah the kid has major talent just needs to stay out of trouble. He is definitely the second player I'm watching after Evan Turner.

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Yea, they are a good looking

Yea, they are a good looking team. They need to get better in half-court sets, but they have a very nice looking team. They have a few interesting prospects too, that Gates guy is a large man.

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They won't be ranked

Unless some of the bottom teams fall cause Gonzaga will beat them in championship

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Stephenson Very Talented,BUT

Stephenson Very Talented,BUT He Still Plays Way Toooooo Much Of A Streetball Style.

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at the end of Maui,,,

21~25th with a loss...
15~18 with a win over the Zags

Beating the Zags would give UC quite a week and solidify them in the rankings, especially since Gonzaga is regarded as a Top30 team that gave MSU a run for their money on the road.

Great games shown by UC, the Maui final is going to be the game to watch!!

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Yancey Gates is a beast down low... He's got that Ben Wallace body and should be a solid NBA Player in the future... He's got that NFL body which can cause havoc for opposing post players.

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yeah ive always liked his

yeah ive always liked his game..he should do work in the big east. the only guys who i see giving him major problems is monroe and luke of course

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