Who would you draft

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Who would you draft

Heres the scenario the 5 most likely teams to win the lottery are new jersey , utah , washington , minnesota and charlotte if your the gm for any of thease teams what would be the order of your draft board? you can propose trades and free agent signings ( that are realistic ) but you have to list 1 to 5 your draft board for each team. so for example new jersey has devin harris if they land the number 1 pick would you take john wall? if so would you trade devin harris? or would you trade down and take another player in the draft? same for utah with deron williams!?

Lets see who comes up with the best plan

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It's a pretty deep draft so

It's a pretty deep draft so if you can trade down you def would love to get multiple picks, especially considering NJ and Utah are set at PG. How great would it be to see the T'wolves draft John Wall? Them drafting another PG would be worse than the Lions drafting WR's with their first pick every year...

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Let me Try. 1. New Jersey

Let me Try.

1. New Jersey (John Wall)
With adding Wall, I feel you can add more to this team. If you can add a PF, Add Bosh. Bosh into that lineup would make them go from penthouse to outhouse. John Wall also gives the Nets the option to deal Devin Harris. I would suggest dealing him to a team like New York?

2. Utah ( Evan Turner)
The Jazz will benefit from this pick. Turner can do it all. I feel he can be the #2 pick by the time we get up to the draft. Turner's overall ability will only be enhanced. Also another delemmia: Would you move this pick to get rid of AK47's contract?

3. Minnesota (Derrick Favors)
Minny can use a SG but Wes Johnson here is too high. I feel he's a top 10 pick but he might sneak into the top 5. Favors can help if you decide to make a move. I believe the T-Wolves may move Love or Jefferson because Khan is a tad crazy. If he sees a way to enhance the team, even by adding picks in 2011 he will do it. Also, he has Rubio in his back pocket.

4. Charlotte (Cole Aldrich)
I wanted to put Xavier Henry here but with the addition of S-Jax and Gerald Henderson in recent months says no. Aldrich would be a great addition IMO because he can move into his PF position and if you decide to bring back Chandler, he could play alongside Chandler.

5.Washington ( Xavier Henry)
Call me crazy, call me whatever you want. By the time the season ends, Xavier Henry can be a top 5 pick. With Washington, I looked at exp contracts. Miller and Foye. Both are in the rotation now so if you do not wanna pick them back up, I feel Henry can replace them. They also fall into the Utah category: If you want to get rid of Jamison's contract- do you flaunt this pick?

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I agree

I agree xavier henry could be real good not a star but a number two guy on a good team

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1. Minnesota - John Wall 2.

1. Minnesota - John Wall

2. New Jersey - Donotas Montiejunas

3. Utah - Evan Turner

4. Charlotte - Al Farouq Aminu

5. Washington - Wesley Johnson

I think Minnesota gets first pick, I think Minnesota drafts Wall, I think Minnesota trades Sessions and Rubio Rights

New Jersey....if Wall is gone, i see them jumping for a PF, not too high on Montijunas...but i think the "experts" will be

Utah....I think Obvious choice is Evan Turner, versatile, and an upgrade over Ronnie Brewer

Charlotte - BPA

Washington - I think the Wiz wise up, start the youth movement..and Wesley will be a solid replacement for Caron Butler

Oh, and of now, I do think Favors will be out of the top 5

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Let's see......

1. New Jersey-Derrick Favors
I think they'll go with Favors with this pick. I know they have Jianlian, but I just see them going with the best PF available over the best player available. Drafting Wall and picking Harris is unnecessary, especially when PF is probably their biggest need as a team. And trust me, Devin Harris would not be a truly good shooting guard. He can't shoot good enough (no pun intended).

2.Washington- John Wall
Yea I said it! lol, but I see them going after Wall with their pick (whatever pick it is). Arenas would be great off the ball for them complimenting Wall, a slasher. I think they need a dribble drive PG to really be their best. And they've addressed the rest of their team weaknesses in previous drafts.

3. Utah-Evan Turner
I think they'll go Turner. He's the PERFECT player for them. He's very good all-around, and he'd benefit from not having to shoulder the load he has in college. Also a SG is their most pressing need. The Jazz would probably do what the Thunder is doing right now with Thabo and Harden, but I think Turner will have the position in a headlock by the All-Star break and eventually win R.O.Y. Early bold predicition.

4. Minnesota- Wesley Johnson
They need a SG/SF. Lets face it, Corey Brewer is a defensive specialist. He could develop into what Trevor Ariza did in LOS ANGELES with work on his jumper, but that doesn't do him enough to have the trust of the franchise's SG position in the future. Johnson is going to be a good player for them right off the bat.

5. Charlotte-Donatas Motiejunas
They need a big. And they need one with offensive ability. He would be a good pick for them here. He would take Chandler's spot in the starting lineup immediately, and then he'd be a solid scorer right off the bat more than likely.

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New Jersey 1. Wall 2.

New Jersey
1. Wall
2. Favours
3. Turner
4. Wes Johnson
5. Devin Ebanks

I would take the undeniable talent of wall over keeping harris who i would try and trade to memphis in a sign a trade for rudy gay that would give me a core of wall gay and lopez! nice otherwise i would take favours who would develop into a formidable frontcourt with lopez and with harris in the backcourt i would still have an excellent core.

1. wall
2. ebanks
3. wes johnson
4. evan turner
5. aldrich

Trade flynn and rubios rights and try and get some young talented wings with wall love and jefferson you would have a great young core even though jefferson is more half court player and wall is more of a fast break player.

1. evan turner
2. xavier henry
3. wes johnson
4. favours
5. paul george

easy one if they get the number one pick trade down and get some second round or future picks and take turner who would fit into that team nicely otherwise henry wouldnt be much worse johnson would give them a nice wing and favours could back up milsap for a couple years.

1. Wall
2. Favours
3. Motiejunas
4. ed davis
5. ebanks

Blow this team up ! trade butler arenas and jamison now while there not to old

1. Wall
2. Favours
3. Paul George
4. Ebanks
5. warren

They need a star to get there franchise going if they managed to land wall that would be amazing for him to be under alrry brown they could also try and trade up to get him if utah landed the top pick.

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I'll try

1. New Jersey- take Donotas Motiejunas and sign probably a swingman to take the SF position because CDR will be SG and they will have the second round pick and late 1st rounder so they have the benefit so they could come up with something good playoff contender.

I really like to focus on ^ them

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