most skilled players ever

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most skilled players ever

not necessarily the best ever, but the best ever if there was no such thing as athletic ability (speed,leaping,strength,etc). . basketball skills

g- magic johnson. . can do everything

g- kobe bryant. . is in the top 5 in the nba in every phase except athletic ability. . plus his post game is bonkers

f- larry bird. . did it all through skill with not a lick of athletic supremacy

f- tim duncan. . 2nd best footwork of all time

c- hakeem olajuwon. . best footwork ever

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Kobe except athletic

Kobe except athletic ability..he was crazy athletic 5-10yrs ago don't forget he is playing 14TH HIS SEASON

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Bob Cousy and Steve Nash

I never saw him play, but I read a lot about Bob Cousy and watched him on film. He was by far the best ball handling, passing PG of his era. I think he was the first player to incorporate behind the back dribbling and passing in his repertoire. He was so skilled, that I'm confident he would be a star in today's NBA.

Although he doesn't perform the same kind of flashy dribbling skills as Bob Cousy, I think Steve Nash is his 2009 counterpart.

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Michael Jordan. He used his

Michael Jordan. He used his huge hands, which players lack today. Everything is based off hops.

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