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I read an article on
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and it got me thinking about the center position, is it really dying or are we just seeing a trough with aging old centers and young developing ones so that there is no one really dominant
is the center position really in trouble for the future?

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I honestly think it's in trouble...There are some bigs, but no one is dominating...Shaq is on his last legs and he's been like that for a while. Yao can't stay healthy. Dwight is dominant, but he still doesn't have the post moves. B. Lopez is looking on the verge on dominating like Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum, but those two have their own injury history already at a young age and Lopez isn't a back to the back basket player yet...Other then them I can't think of any other dominant centers or anyone who has a chance to be

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I think the league is going

I think the league is going through a phase because right now a lot of the offenses does not need a typical center so you are seeing more hybrids and some of those hybrids can not score in the post but you are having more guards post now so i think what is happening will be temporary as young big try to include posting more and considering a lot of young players want to be like Kobe, it could happen.

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i think its a dying breed of

i think its a dying breed of centers, but a new breed of more versatile centers are on the way, They are more athletic or more skilled than the traditional post up centers. we have versions like amare, dwight, al jefferson, lopez, and jermaine O' Neal. Most say they are PF's but i believe that these are going to be the more prototypical center for the future. But thats just my opinion.

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I think there is a slight

I think there is a slight upswing in the center position. The 80's and 90's were chalked full of dominant centers, but in the early 2000's aside from Shaq there was really no other elite, or even the 2nd teir centers were pretty weak. If healthy Yao joined by Dwight Howard would be the only top teir NBA centers right now, in my opinion, but there are a lot of up and coming young centers from Marc Gasol, Andrew Bogut, Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum, Brook Lopez, Noah, Hibbert and Kaman who are all legitimate centers and have a lot of potential to become top teir centers, I'm sure all of them won't be 20 10 guys between all of those guys a couple will rise to become top centers in the league. These guys all have back to the basket game, or are throw back defensive specialist centers. I don't think the position is dying out, I honestly think its at the very beginning of a resurgence.
In the late 90's when Ewing, Mutumbo, Hakeem, Robinson, and others were trailing off there wasn't nearly this much young talent at the position. A lot of young bigs at that time were not as talented or rail thin and preferred a face up game. As Shaq retires soon, there will be an upswing of young talent compared to when Ewing, Olajuwan, and Robinson called it a career. We are just still seeing signs of the gap left by the fall off of the position in the early 2000s.

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