The Sneaky Nets

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The Sneaky Nets

New Jersey Nets

Tons of money to spend in 2010 free agency.  They have a talented young core which should attract a few solid free agents.

Not to mention right now they have the worst record in the league which means they have the best chance at the #1 pick in the 2010 draft.  They will also have an early 2nd round pick.  Plus they have another late 1st round pick.  

I have a feeling the Nets are flying under the radar a little bit & they are about to develop a monster team.

Look at the core they have to build around:  Devin Harris, Keyon Dooling, Courtney Lee, T Williams,  Yi Jianlian, Brook Lopez.  

So the question is if the Nets get the 1st pick, who do they choose?  Who should they target late in the 1st round & early in the 2nd?  Who should they try to sign through free agency?

We could be looking at a legit title contender in a few years. 

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I agree. The Nets are flying

I agree. The Nets are flying under the radar right now.

- New owner who's willing to spend, plus Jay-Z is beginning to play a bigger role
- New arena in Brooklyn in the works
- Tons of money to spend in 2010
- A solid young core in Harris, Lopez, Yi, Douglas-Roberts, Williams and Lee
- Potential #1 pick in next year's draft

- If they get the #1 pick, they'll have a tough choice on whether to draft Wall. I think they'll be paying close attention to Harris' health for the remainder of the season. He's been pretty injury proned the last 2-3 seasons. I think they could use another four man, which there are plenty of in the draft.

- Obviously their top free-agent priority is LeBron James. If they can't land him, I'd go hard after Chris Bosh.

- Them being a championship contender will depend on who they land in free-agency.

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Yea, I think they're losing

Yea, I think they're losing on purpose lol for the 1st pick. But seriously, I can see this team contending in a few years, I think the Nets front office can too, that's why they're doing what they're doing.

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I really love the Nets, I

I really love the Nets, I get them on local TV(i live in NY though), so I watch them anytime the Knicks arent palying...and when theres a game on TNT/ESPN, over the last 2-3 years the Nets have developed into my 2nd favorite team(remember im claiming that bandwagon), and there only gonna get better. If the T-Wolves got 1st pick, then they might think twice about drafting John Wall, but the Nets should absolutely do it....Devin Harris is perfectly capable of playing the 2

But there main need is a PF, and they could definetly get a good one with there 2nd 1st round pick, Cousins, Pattersons, Sanders, Varnado, Brackins could all be options

But there future looks REALLY bright, if they do solid in the 2010 draft, they could very well look at building up something similar to what the Thunder look like...but with Brook Lopez and millions of dollars to spend on FAs

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Yeah, but if they go in the

Yeah, but if they go in the top 5 in the draft they could get either a SF or a PF because they really slack in that are so if they get Dontas Motijuneas or Devin Ebanks or Al Farouq Aminu in that range plus with moving to Brooklyn will cause more attention to players to sign with them. If they don't get Lebron, Wade, they could go with Amare or maybe Bosh but i really doubt it that Bosh will come over because he's really looking for money and a contender team so he really makes a hard decision, really.

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I think they will be able to

I think they will be able to get Lebron so they need a power forward and maybe a better 2 guard, they could possibly take Wall and play Harris and Wall together because Harris can guard some twos and with Lebron and those two plus Brook Lopez and their young guys on the bench you are talking one scary team especially if they can sign another star player at the 4.

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Sheltwon...yeah that is what

Sheltwon...yeah that is what I was kinda thinking.  Imagine this lineup:






Bench- TWill, C Lee, Dooling, Yi Jianlian, CDR, plus 2 more 2010 draft picks.

That would be a fun team to watch. 

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