Steve Blake

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Steve Blake

Seriously why is Steve Blake still starting on the blazers when they have Andre Miller at pg. I think the starting line up of PG Andre Miller SG Brandon Roy SF Martell Webster(or Travis Outlaw when he comes back) PF LaMarcus Aldridge C Greg Oden is prefectly fine with the rest of the crew coming off the bench.


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Steve Blake Starting

If asked, I think 99 out of a 100 people would probably say Andre Miller is a better player. However, that isn't the question, McMillan has to decide who's a better fit for Portland as opposed to who's the better player.

It's a team that is obviously having chemistry issues and McMillan apparently decided that Blake is a better distributor, which keeps their big guns happier. And if that improves team chemistry, then it's a good decision. That's my guess.

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i really think portland signed miller to play with the 2nd unit, because they need leadership coming off the bench!

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