GM Strategy

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GM Strategy

What do you guys think of this GM strategy?

Say you get the ideal franchise player like Kevin Durant.
You surround Durant with guys who are opposite what he does as in stronger, gritty players.

Who are some other GM's who have done this?

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If you finished the Book Of

If you finished the Book Of Basketball

Detriot did in the 80's.

I also say the Lakers did it in the 80's imo

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The Sixers that got to the

The Sixers that got to the finals in 2001 were built that way around Iverson. Iverson took all the shots and the rest the team had Eric Snow, George Lynch, Aaron McKie, and some other defensive minded bigs. All defenders built around one star.

But most GM's just try to aquire the best talent possible. Not sure anyone makes a point of just getting "gritty" guys instead of talneted players to surround anyone. You need talent at multiple positions to win and GM's know that.

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Need a franchise player meaning top 10 player in the league.

Pistons won without a true superstar, great defense and clutch play during their run this decade.

Depends most GM's would love to have a big man surround them with shooters.
Since those big men are impossible to find I think you go with the best players.
However without a dominating big man its difficult to win a title just like the Nets tried during the Jason Kidd era.

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I know who HASN'T

Danny Ferry
I would think he would have at least accidently stumbled onto some talent by now

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The blazers kind of did that

The blazers kind of did that too...seems to be working out.

Rebuilding almost entirely from the draft is the cheapest way to get a winning team, just have to make sure you don't lose fan interest.

Presti has shown some great patience in the last couple years, and if the thunder turn into a legit contender i think you're going to see a lot more teams taking this route, and there being less of what charrlotte, indiana ect have been doing, being content with being medicore and can't make moves to get better, and get draft players who make a big enough difference...

It also makes the 'win now' teams better with trades sending all stars to top teams like carter to the magic, KG/Allen to Boston ect, and watching a young talented team is fun too...makes everything more exciting.

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Danny Ferry did poorly and missed out on some fine talents in the 2004 Draft... Imagine LeBron being sided by Josh Smith had he got picked 10th instead of some guy named Luke Jackson, things would have been different...

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