Mark my Word, Villanova will win the Championship this Year!!!

First and foremost, Villanova has the best guards in the country!! Scottie Reynolds, Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes, Reggie Reading, Malik Wayns, Dominick Cheek and Taylor King who can play the two, three and four. There loaded. To early to compare the guard tandom to Randy Foye, Allan Raye, Kyle Lowery and Mike Nardi but these guards are great. If Antonio Pena steps up like he is expected to, skies are the limit for this teach. There Coach by the best Coach in America...

They will be tested in the Big East. It's not last years Big East, but it's still the Big East. Best Conference in the Country. Nova Nation baby!! They proved over the weekend without there other big man freshman Mouphtaou Yarou that there guards are great. They beat a tuff Olde Miss team in Puerto Rico..

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When is Yarou going to play?
When is Yarou going to play?  How come he didn't play against Ole Miss?
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