Big Ten Sleeper

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Big Ten Sleeper

Watch out for the Golden Gophers as they are the sleepers in this league. With Rodney William who was going to be consider a red shirt going into his freshman year is now starting. This boy has hops and can jump out of the gym for the Gophers. If they get their other star freshman acting straight enough to get to suit up for the Gophers their going to be dangouse in the big ten. Royce White was suppose to be their go to offense player this year but he just has to stay out of trouble. If White gets to play this year along side Williams, their going to be running and gunning.

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Yea, they have a good

Yea, they have a good looking team. They could be an Elite 8 team, they are just that good. Now they have the offensive firepower to beat teams, and they still will play that Tubby Smith type D, so yea they are a good looking team.

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