My Early East n west Allstar Teams

i Know it s A lil early for this,but i just found out my wife(WHORE) has left me andat this very moment im extremely drunk,high,n lil SuicidaL....So here we go

PG-Rey Mysterio
SG-Korey Briant
SF-PauL Pierce
PF-Channing Frye
C-Yao Ming

Kris Kaman
Chris Jackson
Carmelo ANthony
Brandon Roy
Anthony Morrow
Pops Mensu whatever his name is(having a good year)

Coach-Mike Jarvis

East taem-
PG-Rajon Rondo
SG-Jimmy King
SF-Ray Jackson
PF-LeRON James
C-David Lee

Chris Bosh
Delonte West
Brook Lopez
Chris Paul
Brandon Jennings
JaMarcus Russel
Mike James

Coach-Phil Jackson

Kelly Korver will win the 3 point shootout
Jason Thompson will win the slam dunk thing

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A thumbs up for you because it sounds like you need one AND that has to be one of the funniest posts I've ever read. A mix of some slight, slight knowledge in which you correctly named some people that actually play in the NBA and nonsensical gibberish. Brilliant sir, brilliant.
Extra LOL to JT at dunk contest b/c he hates dunking and likes missing so many layups, kelly korver, JaMarcus Russell, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Pops Mensu aka Nana Papa Yaw Dwene "Pops" Mensah-Bonsu, although if you would have attempted that it may have been even funnier. I am actually laughing loudly as I look it over again...

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what a waste of space

what a waste of space

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Guys why the heck do you think something like that is funny. I mean he stated he was suicidal. It is a waste of space too, I mean that's like posting spam about crap.

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