Who's the Modern Version of Michael Cage?

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Who's the Modern Version of Michael Cage?

Who's the modern Michael Cage of this era? I think David Lee fits that mold in that he is undersized for his position right now at C, he is 6'9 240 lbs... But amidst of that size, he can definitely put in a double-double night in and night out...and be a monster-rebounder for the Knicks. Michael Cage, to those who never saw him, was a rebounding demon that was part of that prestiged 1984 Draft Class... He is also a 6'9 Center with a knack for rebounding... He had games where he just grabbed 30 rebounds... Actually, he is my uncle's favorite Clipper of all time...LOL

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Cage was one of the best

Cage was one of the best rebounders to ever play. A little undersized and left handed with a gerry curl. But David Lee is much better on offense. If I had to make a modern day comparison it would be Ben Wallace or Jon Brockman. Just a tough nothing pretty rugged type.

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I think you could say Reggie

I think you could say Reggie Evans and Jason Maxiell play a similar game to Michael Cage, also maybe Tyson Chandler with a better work ethic and 5 inches shorter. Perez nailed it though, Cage is an old school player, guys like him are almost a lost art these days.

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Mr. SOUL GLO..Micheal Cage

The closest person to me is the rookie Blair of the Spurs....He's not as tall as Cage was..But he's a terror on the glass...And their built is very similar.....

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