I think its time Memphis trade Mike Conley

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I think its time Memphis trade Mike Conley

If Iverson couldve waited the starting point guard spot in memphis couldve been his..But Iverson was too immature & impatient...Most within the organization have given up on Conley..Conley isnt developing as fast as some people would like...He constantly gets beat trying to play defense..He doesnt have an outside...Hasnt learned how to control and run a team..So far this year he's been outplayed by his backup Marcus Williams...Secretly Memphis is trying to trade Conley...But his value is so low right now....Thats why they signed Tinsley instead of going after a scorer off the bench..Bench scoring,better defensive play & 3 point shooting is something they really need.....

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Sac would never do

Sac would never do that...not sure many teams would trade much for him right now TBH.
Maybe Memphis will wait it out with him this year and try to draft John Wall.

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An Iverson/Mayo backcourt

An Iverson/Mayo backcourt would have been disastrous.

With that said, at his current level of production, Conley is not only not a viable starter, he's not a viable NBA player. Now, he made quite a bit of progress last season. I do think the Grizzlies owe it to themselves and Conley to give him a shot to prove himself this year.

Still, it's difficult for me to imagine he will turn it around for this team, with so many egos and so little efficiency and intelligence.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if Conley resurrected himself in a new location. 

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Conley to LA for Farmar and

Conley to LA for Farmar and Morrison : )

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Kevin Martin

I realize all the guy does is score and he isn't the best defender, but he gets better every year and was scoring 30 pts a game this season before getting hurt. I realize it was a very small sample size for this season but my point is it didn't seem like he was dropping significantly this year or anything. Why does everyone think the Kings want to trade a 2g that gets to the line as often as he does for next to nothing? I'm not saying he's the best player in the NBA, but COME ON!
If I were Sac I like Beno more than Conley...

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And the stupidity flows. Who in their right mind would trade Kevin Martin for Mike Conley? On top of that Udrih is better than Conley right now and I'm not sure that will ever change at this pace. I'm not sure there is any team in the league that NEEDS Conley. Is he even worth a 2nd rounder right now? The guys value is a low as it has ever been right now. Memphis might as well ride it out with him or wait until they can get more out of him. It's hard to get much out of a guy who didn't do much in his first couple of years and is on pace to have his worst year in his 3rd season.

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I must say, I called for

I must say, I called for Conley to have a season that would make him a candidate for Most Improved....I've watched a few Memphis games and it seems like he doesn't trust himself enough to take chances with the ball, whether shooting or passing. I thought he would be a great NBA player, but he hasn't developed since he was drafted. He might need a chance of scenery, but he's not a starter in the NBA.

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I've always thought Mike

I've always thought Mike Conley was a little overrated, even during his high school days at Lawrence North. I used to laugh when people would compare him to Tony Parker or Chris Paul lol. I never thought he'd be a star on the NBA level. I was surprised when he was picked 4th.

Even in high school, he struggled shooting and scoring the ball. If it wasn't a layup or tear shot, he struggled. He even struggled knowing when to shoot or pass... He just lacks overall confidence in himself in that area. He has a lot of great point guard qualities though... I just think he needs a change of scenery and to play the backup role. I still think he can get better. He's a hard worker, great teammate and has leadership qualities.

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few things

conely - for a 4.
draft evans.
sign david lee.

gasol, darko, haddadi
lee, (future PF) arthur
gay, carrol
evans, young
mayo, williams

too bad heisly's cheap, and that he had a massive hard-on for thabeet. thabeet will take a long time to get really good. signing a.i is now the grizzlies biggest mistake ever...personaly, i think people should stfu about seeing pau go "for a bag of chips"....marc is no bag of chips and is a huge part of the grizzlies success right now.


anyway, i'm liking randolph at the 4 too. he's also providing paint presence, extra opportunities, causing fouls on other players early in the game. averaging damn near 20/10, i was wrong about randolph.

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tonights game

Was very decent today for Memphis tonight. I don't think he's going anywhere for a while, at least not until the offseason.

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