KG and Duncan

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KG and Duncan

My last post about these guys was about them both aging and slowing down a bit. But I forgot to put about how great players age. Duncan is aging, but he is still a great rebounder and defender and also a good scorer because he has always had great skills and high IQ so he will be pretty good until he's done. Garnett has been a great player but he depends more on athletics than skill so with him getting older and the injury he's not as effective cuz he never maximized his post skills he used a jumper and quickness against players. My point is people can be great but the older they get the more you get to see if it was skill and IQ or just strength and athletism. What do you think?

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You look at guys like Kobe

You look at guys like Kobe who have a high skill set and understand the game better then others and when their athletics begin to fade they can still perform at a high level like Duncan has been doing. Throughout his whole career Duncan has relied on fundamentals to score and be effective. You can see KG has been decent lately but because he has relied so heavily on athletics to be effective in the long run it effects you. I feel Lebron does the same thing relying on athletics too much which I feel for now he will dominate but as he ages I feel it would be the same outcome. When your game is more skill and fundamental based as you age your game will still continue to be good.

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I think your wrong about KG he's wasn't always the best jump shooter but he worked on it and he's gotten better with his D. Its not all athletic ability but it definately helps esp. since he's played with such great energy. Also Kobe is a pretty athletic player but he's shot more jump shots the last few years.

Lebron has improved on his skill set too his ft shooting, outside game and defense have improved not just him chasing guys down and blocking shots. He's already a great passer and majority of guys in there 7th year don't improve that much esp when your the # 1 scoring option almost all of your career. He'll probably learn to use his skills set more in the years to come. All these guys have high basketball IQ.

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I will agree with ya comment.

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