LeBron and D Wade

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LeBron and D Wade

I have a question and I know I may get some negative feedback but I'm going to ask anyway. I've been reading about LeBron maybe going to miaimi. So my question is if he goes to miaimi and him and Wade win multiple rings does Wade go down as being the better player since he would have won without LeBron and LeBron came to his team? Or is LeBron still going to be considered the better player cuz he's LeBron?

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i think their pretty equal

i think their pretty equal to be honest talent wise. but lebron would probably be considered better but thats just cause hes lebron

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They would be considered

They would be considered both great players. Wade had a younger Shaq maybe not in his prime but Shaq then could still be dominant and could match up with better centers. Lebron might be Lebron but if they won a couple championships I do not think one would be considered better.

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What if DWade were 6'8???

What if DWade were 6'8???

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d-wade has already said its

d-wade has already said its unlikely that they'll be together but there is a chance;
``No question, it's a long shot. He's put in position in Cleveland where he has the opportunity to compete for a championship now. I'm in Miami, where I've won a championship and this is where I love to be. So it's not like we're both looking over our shoulders saying we want to get out of here. So it's a long shot. But at the end of the day, it is a shot.''

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I think Wade is right now the better player to me. WE can make an excuse and say he had a younger Shaq, pls save it. Shaq didnt win the games against da mavs.Wade did that alone and did we forget that fast. I will say this we need to put the stat aside and start making him accountable when the playoff comes around. Lebron so far had a easy career to be frank about it. He is 6'8 freak of nature and people are saying he is the best come on. he is suppose to snatch rebound he is suppose to get 7 assist a game if his pg cant get the job done. Did ya forget Barkley was a 6'4 POWER FORWARD and he was bullying people, but nobody said he was the best and the reason they didnt give him that title. He didnt win a ring and ya can thank a man name MJ for that. I think this is the final yr for Leboring to win a title and if he dont get it this yr. i really dont see him winning a title. Da Cavs are a stacked team but they lack one things. Heart and hustle. they win alone on Lebron name not his killer instinct. The Cavs was about to beat the Magic until Anthony Johnson split Mo William Head last yr and they disappear. They cant take a hit but they know how to throw em. I think the Cavs had a chance until i saw there main flopper got dunked on by D WADE and he is 6'4. In order for people to respect the Cavs Lebron will need to dunk on D12 da same way.



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wade/ lebron

You cant have 2 guys play the same position. Depending on the team, the sg/sf has become almost the same position. It is kinda like the pf/ c is almost the same now, that is why they now have the title F/C. Position is where the guy plays on the floor along with is roll, not whether he is 6'9'' or 7 '

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Its a lot harder stock

Its a lot harder stock piling supreme talent on 1 team ..Unless you're the Yankees lol...Thats 1 of the reasons behind the Lakers trading Shaq..They said they couldn't afford to pay them both....(But we know if they really wanted to keep Shaq they couldve worked something in his contract that wouldve allowed him to remain.. And left them flexible to sign other quality players.) But with the NBA salary cap...Teams have to worry about going over the cap or risk paying a luxury tax....Plus u have 2 players who might be the best in the league..No matter whut they say in public...Neither really wants to be in the other 1's shadow unless they're trying to win a medal or an allstar game...

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Wade dominated the Mavs, not Shaq. Also, they wouldn't play the same positions.

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