donte greene

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donte greene

This guy needs more mins its time to trade nocioni and let him and casspi split the mins. This guy has a lot of potential and he plays pretty good with tyreke so if you're not winning you might as well play guys that play well with tyreke your new frachise player. Evans, Martin, and Greene would make a pretty good wing combination and they could play off each other

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I am in complete concurance

I am in complete concurance that Donte needs more PT, but im not sold on him with Reke and Kevin Martin. His game and Reke's compliment each other quite well as Donte is primarily a shooter whereas Reke is a slasher/ penetrator so they dont compromise each others games for the most part. However Kevin Martin is a shooter that tends to dominate the ball to some degree so he really inhibits Donte's offense, also Martin forces Reke to PG where he isnt nearly as comfortable, which lead to his poor start to the season.

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Trade him to the Knicks and

Trade him to the Knicks and add a big man in Eddy Curry!

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Loved him in Syracuse, but the guy is clearly one dimensional and if his jumper isn't going in he shouldn't even be in the game because he's a bad defender and he doesn't really rebound or have good court vision.

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Why in the world did Sacramento trade for Nocioni anyways? I think that could have gotten rid of Miller and Salmons without having to take back an over paid older player. I used to be a big Nocioni fan, but that was when he was more aggressive on the boards and he played more of a physical game on the offensive end. The last few years, all he wants to do is take 3s.

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Do you watch games or just look at stats?

Greene has been playing very solid D which is why he is getting playing time, and while making mistakes on occasion he has been good with the ball in his hands and has been making good decisions. He's making good passes that lead directly to open shots and has been passing out of trouble. He drives and is NOT primarily a shooter; he takes questionable shots once in awhile but he usually is there for a follow up board. He's nowhere near one dimensional as he is athletic enough to be a good defender and has a jumper to go along with rebounding skills and inside play. You seem to be mentioning problems of his rookie season but he has grown a lot since then.
Sac traded for Nocioni because they can trade him unlike Brad Miller. Also he is the type of player the Kings want their players to be like. He hustles and dives and plays D hard even if he isn't the best defender. You see him against Dirk?

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NOCI AND BENO WITH THE QESTIONABLE CONTRACT ARE..... big reasons the kings are close to 500 and might make the playoffs when martian gets back. THE STARTING 5 IS SURPRISINGLY GOOD FOR A TEAM WITH THE WORST RECORD LAST YEAR.Tyreke at ethier the 1 or 2 does good he make smaller gaurds real have to work hard to be efficient.....I like greene but somthing is right in sac town so dont change it

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