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In the 2008 draft the grizzlies traded love for mayo. Both of these players will be good if not great down the road but in your opinion what should the grizzlies have done. Im very biased and was completely against thabeet even being a lottery pick. the guy had bust written all over him. Sure he might turn out to be a decent player down the road, but he has no passion for the game

A- Mayo and Thabeet
B- Love and Harden/Evans

C- Gasol
PF- Love
SF- Gay
SG- Harden/Evans
PG- Conley

C- Thabeet
PF- Gasol
SF- Gay
SG- Mayo
G- Conley

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I like the line-up of C.

I like the line-up of

C. Gasol
PF. Love
SF. Gay
SG. Evans
PG. Conley

Evans can do a lot of the same stuff Mayo does i believe he is a better re-bounder and passer than Mayo is.

It would also give Memphis a good frontcourt with Love, Gasol and Gay and they wouldn't have had to get Randolph's ridiculous contract as they would have been fine with Love.

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