what to do with t-mac

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what to do with t-mac

well t-mac wants to play right now with the rockets but the rockets dont want him to play;_ylt=AspmmsvfJ5RfAfyIzaLYaPS8vLYF?slug=...
i think Adelman doesnt wants him to mess up the growth and the chemistry they have right now

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Trade him to the Knicks...we

Trade him to the Knicks...we can use him.

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I think thats what the

I think thats what the Rockets wanna do...

I dont think they really wanted to hold him off from playing, just used his injury as an excuse to buy more time to find a trade partner, I think they're really digging there youth movement right now, and want to move on without McGrady

And like rickyD said, Adelman and the front office are probably worried of him stunting growth of the younger guys like Budinger, Ariza, Brooks, and Taylor

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