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ok i just finished watched a replay of this game. someone said jennings wouldn't do as much because bogut was hurt. boy were they wrong. this kid went out and did work especially in the first quarter, hitting deep jumpers drives and mid range as well as playing very good defense. and his ability to make others better is reaching allstar level. the assists he gets with out bogut or redd is just amazing. on this team everyone plays there role and imma say this is one of the best defensive teams in the league. im really liking Ilyasova, hes a 6'10 small forward that has 3pt range and can rebound. and hes only 22. for the bobcats the usual suspects played well and nazir did a lil bit in the limited time he gt but like i said before jennings was the star of the show easily. also he is a very good rebounder

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