great article about the botched recruitment of Brandon Jennings and Euroleague basketball

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great article about the botched recruitment of Brandon Jennings and Euroleague basketball

GREAT READ. i'm hoping donnie walsh will be laughed at for "passing the buck" (both to his 'advisors' and BJ3) for years to come

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Thanks for sharing that

Thanks for sharing that article. Anyone who follows European basketball knows that you can't really focus on stats. The game is played at a more methodical pace, and there is a higher focus on teamwork, which usually hamper stats. As for the Knicks, their only hope of landing Jennings in the future is through free agency.

I'm still kinda pissed at Rubio. He doesn't want to come over because he got drafted by the T-Wolves, but of course he won't admit it. He just kept bringing up his contract, which David Kahn and the Timberwolves organization eventually worked around. I really hope that signing Sessions was the end of the Rubio/T-Wolves saga, and that he either gets his rights traded or stays in Europe.

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NBA GM said that

"I'm not sure how you take a kid without a real body of work that high. I know this is a weak draft, but are we really taking kids who have struggled to produce in college or Europe in the lottery? I'm all for upside, but it's ridiculous. If Jennings can't get on the floor in Italy, how does he help my team in the next couple of years? How do you take him over some really talented college kids who have proven they can play? Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson, Steph Curry.
Those guys are talented too and they have track records."

They also needed to understand that the style of play was not as conducive to Jennings' strengths as the current NBA game. One of the key reasons we rated Jennings so high was the difference in rules: the NBA interpretation of no contact allowed on the perimeter plus the defensive 3-second rule are both significant differences vs. how the game is called in Europe. In Euroleague games that we watched, we often saw Jennings get past his man, only to run into a mass of bigs clogging the painted area. Indeed, playing on a floor with more open space has really helped Jennings in the league.

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Some of the Knicks scouts liked Jennings.
Lets hope old man Walsh won't be here in 4 years than and the Knicks have a shot to sign him.

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