Milwaukee: Why They Drafted B. Jennings

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Milwaukee: Why They Drafted B. Jennings

We've had many discussions here on Brandon Jennings and some of us asked why the Knicks and/or some other team, who needed a PG, didn't take Jennings. I thought it would be interesting to read the words from John Hammond, whom I believe is Milwaukee's GM, as to why they took him.
Hammond said, "From that workout ………….. he really opened our eyes as to how good he was and how much we weren't able to see in some of the games we saw overseas. It was also in that workout, general manager John Hammond said, that the Bucks saw a player whose ability to get to the basket and finish was similar to that of Tony Parker.

"We thought he'd go at No. 5, 6 or 7," Hammond said." He thought for sure that Minnesota, with 2 selections and needing a PG, would definitely take B. Jennings.

To refresh your memory, here's the list of players taken before B. Jennings. I think some of those choices, such as B. Griffin and T. Evans, were excellent. However, I really question the judgment of Minnesota, who took two PGs with their selections, one of whom will be in Europe at least another 2 years.

1 LAC Blake Griffin F Oklahoma
2 MEM Hasheem Thabeet C Connecticut
3 OKC James Harden G Arizona State
4 SAC Tyreke Evans G Memphis
5 MIN Ricky Rubio G Spain
6 MIN Jonny Flynn G Syracuse
7 GS Stephen Curry G Davidson
8 NY Jordan Hill F Arizona
9 TOR DeMar DeRozan F USC

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Stephen curry was lights out at the draftcamp, that's why GSW skipped out on him

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Like you said, Milwakee was

Like you said, Milwakee was really big on Jennings all along. I was reading weeks before the draft his he was available they were going to take him. Leading up to the draft New York was all over the place, I heard Curry, Jennings, and even JaRue Holiday as soon as a week before the draft and then they went and took a power forward. Toronto kind of knew they were going with DeRozen a bit before the draft too, I think Minny kind of threw a wrench in a lot of people's draft boards

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always was a fan

I liked Jennings in HS and was happy he was going to "Guard University" in Arizona and was disappointed he went overseas, but I always felt he was going to be a gifted player in the fast tempo NBA. I wish we had Jennings in Minnesota but I am happy with Flynn, Just wish I knew what we're gonna do with Ricky Rubio. He will be good when he finally comes over but who knows when that could be?

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