Antonio Daniels' Agent Lobbies To Otis Smith

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Antonio Daniels' Agent Lobbies To Otis Smith

Antonio Daniels' Agent Lobbies To Otis Smith

Nov 19, 2009 10:55 AM EST
Antonio Daniels' agent told the Sentinel on Wednesday that he spoke with the Magic about signing the veteran guard in the aftermath of an injury to starting point guard Jameer Nelson.

Tony Dutt, who represents Daniels and Rashard Lewis, said he spoke with Magic General Manager Otis Smith, but said Smith isn't ready to make a move yet.

"I talked to Otis about Antonio after Jameer got hurt. But I think they are going to wait a few days if they do anything," Dutt said by phone.

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i think he would be a nice

i think he would be a nice fit, other than the fact that he can't shoot really well. He is a clutch player. He always owns the 4th quarter. When he was a Sonic in their playoff season, the guy was unstoppable in the 4th quarter. I think he would do really well because he can score and distribute and what not.. He won't start over Jason Williams, but i would take him over Anthony Johnson...

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Why are we

Why are we talking about Daniels as a hot commodity? He has been a journeyman and never lived up to the 4th pick..

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