NYC or Chicago?

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NYC or Chicago?

Having a discussion with someone on which city is the true basketball mecca? I'm not going to post the different views but we went by High School players, Playground Comp, NBA, College Teams, and even female players. Toss in your opionions and let me know which you belive to be the True Basketball city.

Side note if they had a all star HS game this year between the two cities which would win and why.

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That is the true mecca it has been the lakers and celtic since day one but out of those 2 id pick new york

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I think North Carolina as a

I think North Carolina as a state should be up there for all of their college ball history and prowess, a lot of great pros are from that area and they do have a mediocre NBA team. I know NC is a state, but as a state its population is around 9 mil and NYC has about 19 mil, lol

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Seattle- as of late-

Seattle- as of late- deserves some recognition... and what about the entire state of texas? lol.

If i had to pick between NY or Chi... (and this is just based on what i've heard) but i'd say Chi produces better players, but NY is more of the "mecca" of basketball

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overall? NY NY is the

overall? NY

NY is the greatest historically in all levels.

Not to mention...Micheal Jordan was born in Brooklyn, NY ( we were born in the same hospital)

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It's between 2 teams for everyone who can see. Next it's too obvious, Chicago, is where the best are. Rose, Jordan, Pippen, Wade just to name some of the best.

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To accentuate on Q's point,

To accentuate on Q's point, Jordan, Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J, Carmelo, King, Cousy, Tiny, Billy Cunningham, Lenny Wilkens, Connie Hawkins, Kenny Anderson, Marbury, Mashburn, Strickland, Mullins, Artest, Alston, plus all the coaches that have and continue to make indelible marks on every level of basketball.

NY with out question.

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Yeah, New York basketball

Yeah, New York basketball history runs deep...clearly NY imo

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i have to go with my home

i have to go with my home town..washington dc/maryland..i think we are smaller then the rest and less people living there by alot yet still produce alot of good players...and you cant claim jordan just because he was born goes by where a player was raised

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