Best players 23 and under?

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Best players 23 and under?

In your OPINION who are the best NBA players 23 years old and under?

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is this in order?

is this in order?

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jennings at three really?

jennings at three really? people need to get off the jennings band wagon. yes he is having a great rookie season so far but to put him ahead of those established players is stupid

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if dude

Is droping 55 in 6th,7th,game and no one can seem 2 hold him he has my vote he might just have a a.I type of rookie year and im not on his band wagon but till he craps out he has my vote

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1. Dwight Howard 2. Kevin

1. Dwight Howard
2. Kevin Durant
3. Andrew Bynum
4. Derrick Rose
5. Brandon Jennings
6. Brook Lopez
7. Al Horford
8. Josh Smith
9. Russel Westbrook
10. Rajon Rondo

Honorable mention: Oden, Gay, Mayo, Randolph, Gordon, Beasley, Biedrins

PS: Theres a lot of room for movement, seeing as how they're all in the infancy of their careers

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id throw thaddeus young in

id throw thaddeus young in there..

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I wouldn't put Westbrook

I wouldn't put Westbrook over Rondo but everhything else is OK..

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