6 more games from a dubious record

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6 more games from a dubious record

The New Jersey Nets are 6 games away from tying a dubious record with the Clippers and the Heat who started at 0-17... The New Jersey Nets are 0-12 now after losing to the Bucks... How much worse could they get? Lawrence Frank is no savior and Devin Harris is out indefinitely... The only bright spot on this team is Chris Douglas-Roberts, well, you could include Brook Lopez there anyhow... The Nets are turning into a laughing stock... Jason Kidd saved them from taht spot from 2001-2008...

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Schedule for the Nets

They play the Knicks, Nuggets, Trailblazers, Kings, Lakers and the Mavericks. So, I guess they could win one of those games, but they would still be 1-16, which is terrible.

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they'll beat the knicks.

they'll beat the knicks.

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yeah sure they'll beat the knicks guess you missed last night's game.

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devin Harris has already

devin Harris has already begun full practice and should be back as early as today or this weekend. He alone will keep them from losing 6 more in a row.

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They will beat the Kings Not The Knicks.

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Gotta beat the knicks

If they dont beat the knicks they aint winning for a while I dont see them beating any of the other teams even the kings they have been playing pretty good lately 4-1 their last 5 games.

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