Atlanta Hawks

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Atlanta Hawks

They've beaten Boston on their home floor, Portland twice, Denver and they just beat Miami tonight. They're now 10-2.

It's early, but this team looks for real. I still think they're a little undersized in the front court and need a true center, but other than that... This team has everything you need. What do y'all think? Are they contenders?

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Yea they are contenders. I

Yea they are contenders. I think Horford has stepped up and is a quality Eastern Conference starting Center. Jamal Crawford has been outstanding, and so has Zaza. Joe Johnson is the most underrated star in basketball, and Josh Smith has been dominant on the glass and in transition offensively and defensively. And Bibby runs the half-court to near perfection and hits spot up jumpers. They have a great squad this year....

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They definitely have a shot at being contenders. I like their style of play and players. Crawford is a great sixth man. Johnson and Smith are doing great. Bibby is doing well but I do agree they need a true center to match up well against strong frontcourts.

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