James Harden

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James Harden

He really needed a breakout game to make realize how great of a player he is at the moment he has 24 pts on 6-7 shooting from the 3 pt line is there more to come or just a rookie whos gunna be inconsistent and have random games like this

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i've been paying close

i've been paying close attention to Harden and while his numbers don't blow you away, he is playing very solid ball in limited minutes. He is not forcing anything, making the right pass and hitting open shots. He's still only 20 years old and getting better. Tonight was a blowout loss for OKC and Harden had the opportunity to be more aggressive. 24 pts on 14 shots. 6/7 for 3's.

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More to come, he has been

More to come, he has been playing well despite his shooting struggles, it's only a matter of time before his shot catches on.

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man i was just gonna start

man i was just gonna start the same topic. The guy had a crazy game scoring wise, showing that he can score when he has the minutes. This is the first time he has gotten 30 minutes, and he played really well. Once he gets in that starting role when the season hits the mid-point or maybe even earlier, he is gonna be phenomenal

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I like Harden, he is a great shooter and tonight was a good example of it. He will get that starting spot I am sure of it he just needs to prove it.

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They seem to like to Thabo

They seem to like to Thabo as a starter for defensive purposes so I could see Harden falling into the roll of someone like Ginobli, playing 25-28 minutes and being the offensive centerpoint for the second team. Also note that tonight Harden was shooting well in the second quarter and Brooks let him stay on the floor longer then usual because of it. I believe he had 10 points in about 12-13 minutes come half, which was before the game was a write off. Maybe he hasn't seen many minutes because of his poor shooting, and they are letting him just get comfortable before they give him heavy minutes. Right now Durant is playing a ton because they need his offense, but if Harden starts doing what he did in Arizona State, then they can let Harden play the 2 and Thabo the 3 more and not make KD play 42 a game.

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