Joe Forte the ref?

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Joe Forte the ref?

I was watching Cleveland/Washington and when the ref's were reviewing Millers shot at the end of the half, they mentioned one ref named Joe Forte. I would assume it is former tarheel / first round disappointment Joe Forte, being that isn't a very common name, last I knew he was playing overseas, I couldn't get a good look at him, do any of you guys know if its the same guy?

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No it's not. This Forte is

No it's not. This Forte is an old[er] white guy. Not sure what happened to Tarheel Joe. I imagine he's playing overseas.

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But when I first heard the name I thought Matt Forte, the guy who can't run the ball 1 yard! for a touchdown and he also ruins most ppls fantasy football games. On the other hand, go Wizards>>

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