detroit pistons

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detroit pistons

is it just me or has anybody else noticed that any time will bynum has been given an opportunity he has played great... does anybody else think that the pistons should give the starting job to him? i mean literally EVERY time hes played anywhere near 25 mins a game he has outperformed stuckey(far less minutes too). dont get me wrong stuckey is still really good but its his 3rd season and he hasnt really done anything to prove he should be a starter. personally i think the pistons would be a lot better with bynum starting, then trying to unload tayshaun, rip and stuckey, and going after some major big men in free agency(bosh, boozer, preferrably both).

agree or disagree

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disagree...i dont see people

disagree...i dont see people going to Detroit to be honest.

I agree...time to unload Hamilton and Prince

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My blazer would the best team if we added prince to the team and he has been my brother favorite player for years

Blazermann the greatest mind in basketball since hubie brown anyway!!!!!

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Prince would be an awesome

Prince would be an awesome fit in Portland

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I think he'd be a great

I think he'd be a great defensive specialist on Boston, give them what they had in Posey in 08 and missed last year.

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Rodney Stuckey and Will

Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum's roles are perfect to me, if they trade Prince and Hamilton they will likely get some good pieces and be right back in the Eastern Conference mix. It should go without saying, that if they trade Hamilton and Prince, they need to target post players in return.

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