2010 Draft: Stock

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2010 Draft: Stock

Whose stock is up? Why?
Whose stock is down? Why?

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Who's stock is up - Xavier Henry's stock has risen because of his perfomance in his season debut with 27 points, 5-8 from 3 point land in just 24 minutes.

Who's stock is down - Ed Davis - as a said, I just don't see the hype with this guy. The Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudimire comparisons are just laughable and he has no offensive game. He's more of a Tyrus Thomas type player and it's gonna take some time before this guy reaches his potential.

Honourable Mention for stock up - Al-Farouq Aminu, Jarvis Varnardo, Evan Turner

Honourable Mention for stock down - Trevor Booker, Kemba Walker, Tyler Smith

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Up: agree, Henry he has

Up: agree, Henry he has potential to be best scorer from this class, he has terrific body, he looks too criticized for his speed and athleticism.
Aminu, because he is becoming 20/10 and last year we saw that numbers makes stock up no matter where you play in Curry
Warren is this site he is out of top 10 but some smart enough guys said that this guy could be #1 IDK about this but he could really be first SG taken
and Sidney, he is just not 2-rounder

Davis agree offense looks still very raw and we don't now if his rebounding/blocking will translate that good like for Randolph
and i think Ebanks and George will fall in near future

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Down- I think Craig Brackins

Down- I think Craig Brackins stock will conitnue to fall all season, he's only averaging 15.7 points in his first 3 games against, Idaho St., Chicago St. and Drake, including a 2-12 performance against Chicago St. who's tallest player that saw significant minutes was 6'9'' and was mainly matched up against ISU center Josh Hamilton. Brackins has tools, but he plays for an awful team that will probably finish last in the big 12 and I have said for the past 6 or 7 months he is more of a 18-30 range guy rather than a lottery guy. I think a team would be crazy to draft him over Patrick Patterson, Greg Monroe, Cousins, Sanders or even a project like Ed Davis.

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wouldnt henrys stock have

wouldnt henrys stock have gone back down- good game against a horrible team then a below average game against a good team?

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Malcolm Lee even though they dont think he's coming out this year.
Also, I really would like to see Mason Plumlee help Duke to be even better.

I was going to put Elliot Williams on here because we haven't heard much of him in a while, but I think this guy's going to be special whenever he gets drafted.
Aldrich, Taylor, Henry, & Collins are tearing it up now. It looks like a case with many stars, but only 1 or 2 make it. Like Illinois in 04' when they had Head, Williams, Augustine, Brown, only Williams is breaking out.

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Up: Evan Turner. He's looked

Up: Evan Turner. He's looked like the next big thing so far...he's one of the better overall players I've ever seen and I think he's going to be an All-Star in the NBA, possibly an Olympian or All-NBA type.

Down: I think Tyshawn Taylor's stock is down be honest, he's not that good to me, but he has not looked the part of a projected 1st rounder at all to me so far.

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Taylor did play pretty

Taylor did play pretty poorly against Memphis and didn't stand out vs. Hofstra, despite a great showing in the 19U games I think it is in his best interest to finish his Junior year before going pro.

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