Bobcats or Warriors?

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Bobcats or Warriors?

Which team would benefit more from the trade?

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Bobcats Will

I think that the Bobcats will benifit from this trade the most because they need a guy like Stephen Jackson on their team. He provides the scoring and the chucking of shots that Charlotte desperatly need. He can also play defence when he's into it. I don't know how this trade will help in the long run but for now, Bobcats benifit the most from this trade.

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Their hedding in the right direction>>

Wallace or-

That's kinda like a better young team. I still think they could add a nice PF or Center like Boozer.

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Yea the Bobcats got the

Yea the Bobcats got the better of the trade....I really thought Golden State would've gotten either Diaw or Felton in the deal honestly..but then I remembered those are the only 2 players they run their offense through.

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Before last night, I would

Before last night, I would have said both teams would get better, however, I saw the Bell is probably out the entire year. That means they traded Jax and Law for a tall shooter. Also, I saw where Monta Ellis is saying that he isnt going to pick up the slack left by Jax. He thinks it isnt his responsibility to be a leader or to put more stress on himself. He stated that it was up to someone else to pick up the scoring load. My question is, who can do it for the Warriors if Monta doesnt?? Curry can score but he cant add on 25 points to his average. Randolph really struggles to score. Azabuki is out for the year with a patellar tendon tear. Maggette is just a chucker for this team. IDK man. Also, in closing, Monta, asked who on his team is going to play defense now?? He said that he is the only person on the team that will defend now. LOL.

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