the truth about dwight howard

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the truth about dwight howard

now everyone knows on here im the biggest magic fan on this site. i know yall tired of me saying that lol.but its the truth.anyway i came on here the other day and i see a post about bynum playing better howard. which i admit he is on offense. now this is my take on it hes been in the league for five years now. and he still hasnt develop no offense moves , bad footwork, all he do is score off of dunks, putbacks, nasty running hooks. but someway somehow he still gets a double double mostly everynight, he averages 20.0 ppg every season. he barley gets the ball in the paint like he should. and you see people are always hacking him, double or triple teaming him because hes a beast. thats why he makes the other players around him look good. now on bynum he has kobe, lamar,gasol and sometmes artest, which is easy on him, he work with kareem, the lakers seem to devlop big man the right way. but the magic dont do the same. look at shaq when he was in orlando, he came here skinny and what we did bulk him up, and try to make him a post player, the same with dwight he came here skinnyand now he looks like a big boy with muscles, when dwight was in high school the dude was playing the one, 2, 3 and four, he was dribbling, shooting jump shots, and when he gets here we try to make him a post player. nothing wrong with that. except we got the wrong people teaching him. no disrespect to ewing. but i havent seen nothing from ewing in howard yet. i remeber in the offseason howard would put up videos showing him dribbling and making jump shots. but when the season starts its the same old bullshit. i bet you if d12 would end up with the lakers he would be a better offense player. they know what to do. but here in orlando stan the man just seems to comftable with shooting 3s and not throwing the ball to dwight like he should. hell yet dwight shoot sometimes. encourage him to be a tim duncan. you know what dwight needs a real big man coach like hakeem or a bill russel. someone to show him the right way.

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D12 has been getting hacked

D12 has been getting hacked on one end and not getting calls, while being called for ticky tac fouls at the other end. He had a frustrating start to the season and I think he let that get in his head. It's early though and he'll turn it around.

You have to remember that this team has quite a few new players and is still developing chemistry on offense and defense.

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i figured his offense would

i figured his offense would be a lil better with ewing working with him..not sure why that hasnt worked out

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Dwight Howard should have

Dwight Howard should have learned some offensive post moves by now. And I do beleive he worked with Patrick Ewing for a season or two.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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Bring in the Admiral !!!

Seeing what the Lakers did with Bynum in having Kareem coach him to an elite level. The Magic should go after the "Admiral" David Robinson to teach Dwight Howard a superior offensive skill set.

Robinson is a HOF player who was hands down the most ATHLETIC dominant big man of all time. If he were to coach Howard, his skill set would blow through the roof. With his size and athleticism already incomparable to anybody in the league, learning how to be a productive scorer would only do wonders to the Man-child beast that is Dwight Howard.

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Why? Robinson and Howard

Why? Robinson and Howard have no similarities in game. NONE. Robinson liked to face up, pop 15-17 footers or get on the block and go left. If Howard tried to do any of that he wouldn't be near as effective. Howard needs to work on his footwork and maybe adding a turnaround to his game. Ewing is one of the best jump shooting bigmen of all-time. If anyone there is having a problem it's not Ewing. Has anyone thought that maybe Howard just might not be a good/quick learner? He's been basically the same player since he came in the league, only he's a little bigger and gets more calls now. Howard benefits from playing when he does. If this was the early 90's we'd never hear much about him.

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Howards fouls per game are

Howards fouls per game are up to over 4 and his minutes are down almost 4 per game because of it, I think being on the bench and in foul trouble is a big reason his production is down, a guy like him could easily get an extra 2 points and 2 rebounds in 4 extra minutes which would put him very close to his season averages of last year. His blocks are down because if you have 4 + fouls every game you probably are playing more conservativly on D.

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