Early Award Prediction Canidates

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Early Award Prediction Canidates

R.O.Y.- B. Jennings
Most Improved Player - Chris Kaman
MVP - D-Wade
Defensive- D Howard
6 man- A.Iverson( just kidding) Sheed

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roy: 1-Brandon

1-Brandon Jennings
2-Tyreke Evans
3-Johnny Flynn
4-Ty Lawson
5-Steph Curry

1-Kobe Bryant
2-Steve Nash
3-Dwyane Wade
4-LeBron James
5-Carmelo Anthony

coach of year:

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ROY: Jennings, but I'm not

ROY: Jennings, but I'm not counting out Blake Griffin just yet. If he comes back from injury and play like a beast and the Clips pull the 8th seed out west then he will get consideration. But so far Jennings and it's not even close.

MVP: Kobe, but Melo is doing really well, and u also can't count out D-Wade or LBJ just yet.

Coach of The Year: This is tough, Rick Adelman is doing great, and if the Bucks make the playoffs then Scott Skiles deserves it. I was really pissed when my Bulls fired him. He is a great coach.

MIP: Trevor Ariza!! Who though this guy was gonna be this damn good? I sure didn't. I though he made a huge mistake by leavin LA but he and the Rockets are playing great and he deserves some serious consideration.

6th Man: Tough to say, maybe Odom once Gasol comes back, but as of right now it'd have to be Rasheed Wallace.

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ROY: Jennings........... by

ROY: Jennings........... by far but think that it is tough three men show with Tyreke and Blake
MVP: Kobe now ..........but still think LeBron will finish there again
DPOY: Josh Smith! rebounds like pf, blocks like C steals like guard, something like
Most Improved: Frye....... but still believe Randolph will win it

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mines are

roy-jennings hes a stud and hes just a rookie
mvp-dwade-i believe this is the year he finally gets it.
dpoy-howard-you already know why
most improve-ariza
coach of the year-miami heats coach.

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MVP- Kobe DPOY- Josh

MVP- Kobe
DPOY- Josh Smith
ROY- Brandon Jennings
MIP- Frye
6th- Jamal Crawford
COY- Aldeman

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MVP-Carmelo Anthony
ROY-Brandon Jennings
MIP-Trevor Ariza
6th Man-Will Bynum
COY-Scott Skiles
DPOY-Josh Smith or Dwight Howard

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Award prediction

ROY: Brandon Jennings
MVP: Steve Nash* (PHX making top 4 with Nash averaging 15-15)
MIP: Kaman (close one between him and Ariza at this point)
6th: R. Ferendez? (comes off the bench on a daily basis, but gets a good amount of points in consistently)

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MIP - Chris Douglas

MIP - Chris Douglas Roberts

2008 4.9 ppg 1.1 rpg 1.2 apg
2009 15.8 ppg 5.1 rpg 1.4 apg

I think Ariza is a great canidate too, the fact that New Jersey is so terrible might hurt CDR's chances, but he's pretty deserving so far

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cant say kaman because

cant say kaman because before he got injured he was putting up 15 and 12 in the 01-08 season...isnt mip suppossed to go to a player whos doing things that they have never done before by a big margin?...if not then you have to include jermaine o'neal and bynum

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for MVP dont count out Joe

for MVP dont count out Joe Johnson and Steve Nash

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