Scotty Hopson

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Scotty Hopson

how good do you guys think this guy can be?

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I think that he could be a

I think that he could be a very good scorer in the NBA, a J.R smith type. He just has to become more aggressive taking the ball to the hoop, he settles for way too many jumpers and camps out behind the line whenever he doesn't have the ball. I've only seen a few games from him, but I saw the same thing every single time.

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JR smith is 220 lbs, out of

JR smith is 220 lbs, out of high school
hopson is not, but he can still get up there, just not in traffic

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I'm a big Hopson fan, you
I'm a big Hopson fan, you can tell by the picture ha.  I have seen him play in person a bunch of times.  He has had a great start to this year so far.  I think he is underrated right now as far as in terms of nba potential.  I don't see his name in the 2010 or 2011 mock draft on this site.  Not sure if he will enter the draft this year or not but when he does I think he will be a 1st round pick.  Hopson is pretty quick.  He has a nasty crossover.  He has the length & athleticism for his position to make an impact at the next level.  If he can lead Tennessee to the elite 8 or Final Four I think that would get some scouts' attentions and possibly throw Hopson into the lottery pick discussions. 
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his size reminds me of Josh

his size reminds me of Josh Howard

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j.r was only 210 in

j.r was only 210 in highschooll.hes 220 now.....but yeah he reminds me alot of j.r smith

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Scotty is pick 19 on the 2011 mock.

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I like the J.R. Smith

I like the J.R. Smith comparison, especially at the same age....a nice shot, great athleticism and quickness, but the lack of handles to get to the rim consistently. He's looked very good so far, as has the rest of the Tennessee squad..

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