kemba walker?

I think the site is underrating kemba walker. they have him at 24 in the 2011 draft. i think he has a shot at the lottery this year (especially due to the weak pg class) on potential alone. he has had a solid start to the season at 14 and 4 per game and 3.5 steals. what do u think?

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He's a good PG to me, very

He's a good PG to me, very similar to Ty Lawson, but he's going to have to shoot better. And he'll have at least some trouble keeping NBA PG's out the lane, even though he's a great pressure defender. I think he should be top 15

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He'll be better than Flynn

He'll be better than Flynn

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better than flynn?

walker is averaging 14 pts and 4 against william and mary, colgate and hofstra at the age of 19. flynn is averaging 14.4 and and 3.3 while shooting 47% against the NBA at the age of 20. better? keep dreaming.

he should be in the top 15 if uconn makes a good run.

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walker has more potential

walker has more potential than flynn

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