Is it me or have Injuries...

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Is it me or have Injuries...

ruined the season so far & Suspensions...I mean, c'mon man, this is ridiculous! Michael Redd, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Kevin Garnett (Not 100% to start off), Jameer Nelson, Pau Gasol, Yao, Duncan, CP3, Parker, McGrady, Kobe, Luke Walton, Raja Bell, Kelenne Azubuike, Carlos Travis Outlaw, Kevin Love, Rip, Tayshaun Prince, Ryan Anderson, Devin Harris, A. Jamison, Mike Miller, Randy Foye, Mike James, Josh Howard, Shawn Marion, Yi, Shaq, & I'm sure I'm missing PLENTY of others! Dude, this was suppose to be like the best season ever!!! I was so excited, but teams aren't playing up to par due to missing components from their team, but I guess it's better to have it happen earlier then late in the season. After all, Injuries are a part of the game...Feel free to add any more significant injuries I've missed as well as list a team that hasn't had a major injury!

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The suns havent had a major

The suns havent had a major injury

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Glen Davis

Averaged 18 points a game for the Celtics in the playoffs last year. He is not a big name, but thats losing some O with him out.

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they dont need big baby

they dont need big baby

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i dont think its ruined the

i dont think its ruined the season..there is still some great story lines with bynum emergence and oden playing well and jennings lawson me the nba is bigger then one or a couple still watch if kobe got hurt..injuries is just part of the game you have to live with

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