two dutch players

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two dutch players

I have a question for all of you here on I'm from the Netherlands and therefor I watch the two Dutchplayers (Francisco Elson en Dan Gadzuric) in the league very closely.

Elson: Why is it that a player who won a championship with the Spurs and is a very decent players don't plays his minutes with the Milwaukee Bucks? He is a 7-footer with a nice jumpshot and the ability to run the floor as well. Do you see any team in the NBA who wants such a big guy at this moment?

Gadzuric: How is it possible that this guy earns something like 7 million a year plays very limited minutes? Can't he be a better fit with another team?

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To be honest with you...

To be honest with you... Neither one of them are very good at this point. Gadzuric had a few good seasons a while back and got a nice contract out of it. Elson played his role quite well with the Spurs, but he's never really been a very good player. I also think both players have suffered a few injuries, but at this point... They're just not that good.

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