whoa nellie!!!

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whoa nellie!!!

Why does nellie keep doing this crazy stuff? Okay stephen jackson did betray the team but so is nellie. He has a very talented roster and he is wasting it. Why not get rid of him and bring in byron scott? It might be best for that team. Scott knows how to coach a young point guard as the case with chris paul, its just the management didn't provide better players for him. With the roster the warriors have, I think scott would be able to turn them around. At least there wouldn't be point guards playin the 3 spot. And Curry wouldn't be getting burried on the bench. So the warriors need to get rid of him and bring some pride to the fans of that franchise. I feel for them because that owner is killing them.

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SJax had to go

I wouldn't want either rather have Avery Johnson who won't stand for this no defense crap.
But they say Nellie has a big contract and they won't fire him just yet at least.
I just think he shouldn't have much role as the GM or influencing the teams moves.
SJax had a long term contract and they weren't making the playoffs with him anyway.
Plus they have enough wing players this will give Anthony Morrow and Steph Curry more playing time.
I say good riddance their wasn't much value for him they tried to get an expring contract in Big Z back but Cavs wouldn't budge. Now they got an expiring contract in Raja Bell's and he just had surgery and who knows could retire and Vlad at least gives them some size even if he is a perimeter player. Next up is Corey Maggette a 30 year old with 4 more years left about 40 mill for a guy who doesn't pass or play much defense good luck.

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