What You Can Do If You Want to Vote For a Player Not on the Ballot..

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What You Can Do If You Want to Vote For a Player Not on the Ballot..

There are many people that were left of the ballot that were deserving. Guys like Kaman, Joakim Noah who is leading the NBA in rebounds, Brandon Jennings who had a 55 point game on Saturday night as a ROOKIE! What you can do is that you can write in a vote for a player who wasn't on the ballot under where the balloting is. I don't know if it counts as a vote but let's hope man! It's too bad that they just don't change the balloting like say if there are players on the ballot that aren't deserving during the season, they should be taken of the ballot and add players that are deserving! It's just logic and it will send a message to the players that aren't deserving and that are struggling. It's logic man!

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I agree

The ballots should be updated like every week or every two weeks or even every month. Those write-in votes BETTER count, it would be a real travesty if they didn't. It's just too bad that most voters probably don't know about the write-in section.

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the ballots have always had

the ballots have always had a write in section, and yes they do count. I just think they should make the list after about a month into the season. I can't see why they make the list before the season starts.

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