Kevin Martin Trade

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Kevin Martin Trade

For the past three years, everyone has been pretty satisfied with Kevin Martin being the franchise player. But after being injuried for the last 3 years consistantly, there has been talk of trading him. I was wondering what possible trades could be reasonable.

I have heard of the Boris Diaw idea, but I think Martin is to good to be traded for a mediocre Diaw.

What trades do you think would work?

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Kevin Martin for T-Mac,

Kevin Martin for T-Mac, Jermaine Taylor and Joey Dorsey

Kevin Martin and a future 1st rounder for Manu Ginobili

Kevin Martin for TJ Ford, 1st rounder and Josh McRoberts

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so u trade one hurt guy for

so u trade one hurt guy for a even more hurt guy?

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LUV DAT trading 1 hurt guy

LUV DAT trading 1 hurt guy for another hurt guy...hahaha

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1. Tmac makes more than

1. Tmac makes more than double kmarts salary so obviously that needs to be gone.
2.Martin and a future first for ginobli?!?!?!? no way a high draft pick would ever be involved especially when they are losing the better player
3. Would need more young talent. Would love to see granger and kmart together though

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Kevin Martin and A First Rounder For Ginobli..

I would never pull a trade on that one. I would trade Kevin Marting for Manu Ginobli straight up. Why the hell are you gonna trade a tier 2 type shooting guard and a future first rounder which is most likely lottery for a aging 30 year old. If I were to do this trade, I would trade Martin straight up for Ginobli and that's a good deal for both sides but I don't see any team pulling the trigger on this deal. I do like the idea though. When Martin comes back, I dunno if he'll accept a 6th man role but if he does get traded to the Spurs for Ginobli, he would be willing to come of the bench because it's San Antonio. He'll be just as productive off of the bench as Ginobli or even more productive offensively.

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No one seems to be taking position into account...

Why do the Kings need to trade straight across for a SG? I personally would rather see them target a PG, SF, or a center; and hopefully a player who does not have a history of injuries, like Manu or Tracy.

If I was to list who I think they should target I would say one of these players:

Josh Smith, Marc Gasol, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala, Al Horford, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, Brook Lopez, Emeka Okafor, Al Jefferson, Jose Calderon.

Obviously these players situations with their current teams would have to change before the Kings would be able to inquire about them, especially with players such as Paul, Amare, and Deron Williams, but the bright side to that is that the Kings have time for things to fall into place.

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I like the Pacers trade but

I like the Pacers trade but put Brandon Rush in there as well he could be a future starting SF for Sac.

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Most of the players here don't make sense

Kings are probably looking for a salary dump.

Josh Smith, Marc Gasol, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala, Al Horford, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, Brook Lopez, Emeka Okafor, Al Jefferson, Jose Calderon.

Most of these players won't be traded unless the team gets a 1st rounder back Josh Smith, Gasol, Paul, Horford, Lopez.

The Celtics don't need Kmart they have Allen and losing Rondo makes no sense who's their pg
Brook Lopez he's a franchise Center in his 2nd year making what 3 mill for a SG when the Nets are rebuilding no.
Same goes for Horford big men like that are hard to come by you just don't trade them for SG's who play very lil D and have long term contracts. Especially when you have Crawford locked up for 2 more years.
Al Jefferson thats not likely even Kahn isn't that stupid. Caledron is an interesting though but the Raptors drafted a SG in Derozan and have Belinelli too. A PG and big man are too valuable for most teams.
Deron Williams, Paul are you kidding me. Rudy Gay the salaries don't work and Mayo is there too.

Okafor would work since it would give Paul a perimeter scoring option and the contracts match up.
Try to trade him to teams that need a SG like the Mavericks.
Maybe to Chicago for Hinrich and Aaron Gray, this way the Kings get a guy who can play defense and both Guard positions. Bulls are loaded at the wing positions but Kmart is better than any of their player as a pure shooter and you'd replace Ben Gordon's scoring.
Bulls get a SG who can shoot

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