Draft Prospect: Sylven Landesberg

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Draft Prospect: Sylven Landesberg

I really like this guy, even wrote about him here:

But when can you see him drafted, where does he fit, and who does he remind you of?

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Scouts don't think he has
Scouts don't think he has much upside which may be true.  I have spoken highly of him on here a lot.  I like his game, he has some unique skills.  He is really crafty around the basket.  I think he will enter the draft after this season.  
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He could be like a Chris

He could be like a Chris Douglas-Roberts type, one of those unorthodox crafty scorers without a very good jumper. He should be a late-1st rounder...he has some wholes in his game that will limit him offensively in the NBA

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Top 20 pick. He can score at

Top 20 pick.

He can score at the next level I believe but he needs to find that 2nd ability to increase Stock IMO

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