Okafor for Kenny Thomas

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Okafor for Kenny Thomas

There's a rumor out there that's been mentioned by the sacbee as well as a couple other places that says the Kings and Hornets are discussing an Okafor for Kenny Thomas trade. There may be other pieces as K9 has an expiring contract. Everyone in Sac has a bit of hate for Thomas and had been hoping to trade him for years, but is it a good trade now?
Okafor gets paid pretty well and if they do trade for him it will pretty much rule out any offseason big name free agents. On the other hand, and I've mentioned this before, the Kings biggest FA acquisition in Sac history was Vlade Divac so it would appear players have never been enamored with the city in the past. The superstars were always out of the question but Okafor would essentially rule out everyone else too so is the trade a good one for both teams?
Personally I like it for the Hornets, getting rid of his contract will help them out a lot. I like him as a player, maybe not at that salary, but he would fit in really well with the Kings style of ball. I only like the trade for the Kings if they feel Okafor is better than anyone they think they can bring in during the offseason.

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I like the Idea for

I like the Idea for Sacramento

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okafor is a big

okafor is a big commitment
Player '09-10 '10-11 '11-12 '12-13 '13-14
Thomas $8.7M -- -- -- --
Okafor $10.8M $11.8M $12.8M $13.8M $14.8M*

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we've been discussing this

we've been discussing this for a few days now. the consensus is, if they are able to shed beno and noc before the deadline then yes, but if there is little to no interest than no. it's just too big of a financial commitment for a young, rebuilding team. That said, Okafor fits the bill for what the kings are lacking and would instantly put them in play for a lower playoff spot.

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I think Beno and Noc are

I think Beno and Noc are vital components in Sacremento's recent run, Beno has been playing like a completely different player than what we saw last year, and Nocioni is a very hatable guy with a pretty big contract, but he is a gritty, tough guy and a young team needs someone like that, plus in his last 5 games( in which Sac won 4 of) he's averaging about 14 and 5 and playing more minutes earlier in the year. I think if you look to get rid of those two players this season you are breaking up some of the team chemistry that lead to their unexpected early season success.

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