Amazing Feat For Both Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose as Rookies

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Amazing Feat For Both Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose as Rookies

Let's give them a round of applause... For what? For accomplishing an almost-impossible record by any rookie that even Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and LeBron James didn't do when they were rookies... They both broke/tied a couple of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's amazing record... Brandon Jennings did it tonight with a 55-point explosion... The most by any Bucks rookie since Abdul-Jabbar's 51... Derrick Rose tied Jabbar's achievement as he scored 36 points in his playoff debut, same with Kareem in his first rookie playoff debut... Both guards have accomplished so much at such a young age... It's been fun to watch these two players doing well... We'll be seeing more from these speedsters...

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Jan 8th Chicago @

Jan 8th

Chicago @ Milwaukee

I'll be watching

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the rematch..see if rose can

the rematch..see if rose can bounce back from getting out played and see if the bucks can get the win after it slipped from there fingers the first time..hopefully with redd back

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Good positive shout out to

Good positive shout out to both players marcusfizer21. I forgot that the 36 Rose put up versus Boston last year tied Kareem's rookie record for a debut. Two huge feats by both players, but Rose needs to get it going this year.

The future will be interesting, especially considering Chicago and Milwaukee are in the same conference. A lot of battles to come!

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