WOW What A Night For Basketball

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WOW What A Night For Basketball

55 From Jennings, A Game Winning 3 from Wade, and a LeBron Game Winner too???????????????

Jennings was simply unguarded through the whole damn game, and boy did he make them pay for it. 55 from a rookie, he got hot and then they decided to play some D, great stragedy. I mean wow, they should all be embarassed, he got hot and it was too late for them to do anything about it.

Wade had an unspectacular night for the good portion of the game (like the whole damn thing) and then he decides that he just wants to end the game, and he did. A cold blooded 3.

LeBron also had an unusual night, he was unLeBronesque and suddenly turne LeBronlike in the last minute like Wade to just say damn should I start playing seriously now, and that he did.11 in the fourth and about 10 of those came in the final minute along with the kindasorta dagger.

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it was a great night ..

it was a great night ..

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Very great night just

Very great night just imagine if the knicks wouldve drafted jennings and knicks say they can get two big players in the 2010 free agency it couldve been jennings, wade, and lebron on the same team idk if it would work but just imagine

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lol... the Knicks... smh

Jennings should have went to the knicks... i could not believe they skipped him... the knicks jus continue to make the wrong moves... wat is Jordan Hill doing anyway???... so sad

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Wade's shot was amazing.

Wade's shot was amazing. Hassell was hasslin' him, trying to figure out what he had for breakfast. Wade drops the ball, picks it up and nails a three. I almost choked on my Pizza McMuffin.

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