Eric Maynor

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Eric Maynor

Hes really making the most of his starts right now, had 13-11 last game, and hes having a great game with 20+ tonight, and there in a close game with the cavs

also, wesley matthews had been pretty good in his start aswell

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Yea, it's good Maynor and

Yea, it's good Maynor and Matthews are playing well. I honestly thought they would be just mediocre players, but they've been very solid and steady so far. Maynor took advantage of Lou Williams and his horrible D yesterday, and did the same with Mo Williams today. Lebron guarded him some early in the game though, and he did a pretty good job even then. So good for him, he's playing better than I thought. Even though he could defend a little better

Matthews has really surprised me. I didn't think much of him, but as a 11th or 12th man, so for him to get starter time and hold his own is impressive to me. He has a set shot that's very effective and he's a strong defender. He also can't create for himself, but he knows that, so he plays within himself.

Their both exceeding expectations from me!

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