and how about Willie Warren

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and how about Willie Warren

halftime now..and Willie's stats 8pts 1reb 1stl 8!!!assists..this is impressive, i think something close to 5apg would lock him as a top5 pick and now, 8? in the half? wow
that's why i like him over Avery Bradley(i was suprised when i you in youtube comments that some people love him even over Wall) because Willie has still strong enough body for sg and is taller, but he is still better as a pg, i'm not saying he will be pg but... Avery could be tweener if he can't play against NBA sgs, while Warren looks like really good combo who can play both positions.

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Something about Bradley

Something about Bradley makes me say he's staying 2 years. I dunno if he's gonna be the starting PG or SG.

If He's a SG...I see him staying a year

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wilie warren is nice Ben

wilie warren is nice Ben Gordon/Jamal Crawford type

he could be dangerous on the right team,

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