How is SAC 4-4

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How is SAC 4-4

I cant believe that...I know it doesnt mean much after 4 games but I thought they were gonna be the worst team in the NBA

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Without K Mart too.. but

Without K Mart too..

but players like Jason Thompson and Tyreke Evans are stepping up .

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it wont last for long lol.

it wont last for long lol. they will be a bottom team in the nba

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Tyrober can put a sock in his mouth

If anyone has been actually watching, you can see that the kings are a dominant force right now and have beaten playoff teams (Utah, Houston). Tyreke Evans (Pts 16.8 Reb 4.4 Ast 4.3) and Jason Thompson (14.9 Pt Reb 10.1 Ast 2.9) have really taken over the Kings.

My Prediction is that in 2 weeks Brandon Jenning's production will go down to 14 ppg because there is no way the Bucks are going to let him shoot 18 shots a night for the rest of the year.

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how can you say

it won't last for long? they've had some pretty impressive wins
and tyreke evans is a stud, probably ROY

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Finally someone who knows what they are talking about

I'm right with you on this.

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You posted this today and they are 5-4 after a 4 game win streak, all without Martin. My guess as to why they are doing well? PWest! I think Theus can be a coach in this league but there are some coaches that are better for certain teams. I like to compare caoches to teachers. Some teachers are really hard on their students while others are the ra-ra types that are there to build encouragement. Take Phil Jackson, a GREAT coach, but I think he could fail miserably with garbage players on his team. Jackson is the teacher you want to send your really smart kid to. PWest is the type of teacher you send your struggling student to. You say ok you may not make my kid a genius but give hime some confidence, build him up, teach him how to win a little. I thinnk Theus can be a great coach in the league but he was not right for such a bad team. Westphal seems more relaxed (as NBA coaches go.)
Say you have a team built for a championship you want coaches like: Jackson, Riley, Pop, Sloan, these guys get what they should from a good team, which is a very hard task
When your team is less talented and young, and need to build them up you want: Adelman, D'Antoni, Westphal, Larry Brown as they can make teams overachieve
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Jacksons would struggle with a team like the Kings but I bet their record wouldn't be what it is right now. Coaches excel at different things and my guess is even with last years Lakers team Adelman or D'Antoni wouldn't have won a championship. Also I'm not saying coaches on the latter list can't win a championship, obviously Brown has, but I don't think Brown is good at coaching multiple all-stars, which is why he was a good fit for Detroit but would be horrible for Denver, LA, Boston etc.

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I was embarassed as a Rockets Fan for us to go down last night, BUT DUDE, Tyreke Evans hit a jumper over Brooks...That wasn't so bad, but then like next possession he comes down, clocks like 2 seconds left and the dude banks it in from the top of the key! AND Nocioni hit a turnaround over Battier with one second with an UGLY form...The rebounds all went back to their shooters and well...Rockets just lost...No excuses, but Friday the 13th was good luck for that team...TOO BAD it wasn't for CP3 XD haha jk jk
I'm surprised at their record too though, they've won four straight now...K-Mart's been out too! Impressive.

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Just about everyone's

Just about everyone's stepping up for them except for Sean May (aka stone hands) and Sergio Rodriguez (the turnover machine) who both deserve to be on the bench. Hey how about the Kings team Defense its not that bad i guess its just another one of the pros with k-mart out

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yeah they are

yeah they are suprising...but joppers the kings arent a "dominate force"..just because they beat a struggling utah team and a over achieving rockets team come on. they are playing better then i expected and i actually enjoy watching them more then watching the sorry clippers which i didnt think i would in the beginning of the season...i think teams will eventually adjust like they always do during the year and the kings will start losing more but i still think they are better then what i once thought...evans is one of the reasons but i think more importantly jason thompson has gotten better and is scoring as well as hitting the boards and defense and the rest of the team is working the bucks in the east but the kings seem to have better young potenial

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kevin martin

do to the kings playing so good without him on the team and tyreke looking better as a 2 guard, would it be a good idea to trade him away for some decent backs and/or expiring contracts?

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Sacramento Kings

Just because a team has been bad for a couple years doesnt mean they cant suddenly become good after a few decent drafts? i guess not...

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